HONTER® insulation materials stand for proven quality and are available for a wide range of thermal insulation uses, from the foundations up to the roof, and for various types of buildings.

The most effective thermal insulation method

The EXY® PU foam is the best possible solution available. The excellent thermal insulation properties and benefits of polyurethane go largely unnoticed. And yet, every household has a fridge containing about 1 to 2 cm of PU foam, a boiler with 3 to 4 cm of rigid foam or a garage door with a 4 to 6 cm thick polyurethan layer. This insulation proves time and again how effective it is despite its small thickness. In addition to improving our living comfort, polyurethane insulation also saves significant costs.

One-time investment, long-term savings.

The EXY® PU foam allows you to insulate all hard-to-reach spots, gaps and nooks and crannies, and to create a solid insulation layer with no need for fastening. The times are changing, so ditch outdated practices and insulation materials that have been in use for the last 50 years.

Modern and economical living requires first-rate insulation as the key to saving both money and energy. The wire range of EXY® PU spray foams allows you to address your site-specific requirements, whether it is the application of breathable open cell insulation in attic roofs, floors, walls and other building parts, or the installation of closed cell insulation that moves the dew point outside of the house, prevents moisture ingress and strengthens the substrate or house structure many times over. From as little as 5 cm in thickness, the efficiency of the EXY® PU spray foams differs noticeably from that of conventional insulation products. The EXY® PU spray foams are a fast and effective solution for thermal insulation of buildings and more, allowing to insulate up to 200 m2 in a single day.
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Attic insulation

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An attic is a space that contains living rooms in contact with the roof and often includes an extension built into the roof truss. An attic requires thorough insulation to beat both the winter cold and the summer heat.

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Roof insulation

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High-quality roof insulation is crucial when building or renovating a house since insufficient roof insulation is a major source of heat loss.

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Ceiling insulation

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Ceilings, especially concrete or metal ones, require insulation to avoid heat loss, with PU spray foam being perfect for this PUpose.

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Floor insulation

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The EXY 34 HFO closed cell rigid foam is an effective solution for floor insulation. The foam is resistant to foot traffic and a layer of 5 to 8 cm in thickness is sufficient for floor insulation.

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Foundation insulation

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The EXY 34 HFO rigid foam is used to insulate foundations, ensuring an optimal and effective insulation despite its low height. Once applied, the foam should be protected from UV radiation.

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Wall insulation

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Modern wall insulation offers effective protection against temperature fluctuations while also helping households reduce their energy consumption.

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