Attic and loft insulation with EXY SPRAY SYSTEM® foam

Regardless of your space constraints, we can easily solve your problem. Our open cell or closed cell insulation foams are suitable for any attic. The foams are easy and quick to apply by spraying, without putting any stress on the building structure. They have excellent insulation properties and prevent thermal bridges and mould growth in the attic. We will be happy to help you choose the right foam for you.

Insulating attics with the EXY spray foam is highly practical as the foam is spray applied and instantly expands its volume many times over. The foam reliably fills even small gaps and joints, preventing cold air ingress even in hard-to-reach spots. The insulation requires no mechanical fastening since the foam perfectly adheres to all common surfaces in the roof structure.

Once applied, the foam requires no cutting or compression. Experienced installers can spray the insulation foam to the desired height, eliminating the waste otherwise produced in the cutting process. The fast and straightforward application saves both your time and money. The foam cures in less than a minute after application.

What are the benefits of EXY spray insulation?
  • Requires no mechanical fastening.
  • Has a long service life and retains its insulation properties.
  • Prevents the formation of thermal bridges.
  • Poses no health hazards and is safe for allergy sufferers and animals.
  • Minimises the stress on the building structure.
  • Its properties are demonstrated by laboratory certificates.
  • Creates a 100% continuous and joint-free layer.

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