Floor insulation with EXY SPRAY SYSTEM® foam

The floor may be cold regardless of the room temperature, significantly affecting interior comfort. Floor insulation with spray foam prevents this from happening. Floor insulation also makes sense in terms of energy savings because floors or ceilings, in particular those above a basement and attic, can cause heat losses of up to 30 percent. The foams can be applied either through basement ceilings so that living spaces remain unaffected, or directly on the floor. Additional insulation may prove highly effective in older buildings that often lack floor insulation. Depending on the site requirements, the insulation can be applied in various thicknesses.

The EXY 34 HFO closed cell insulation foam creates an extremely effective insulation layer for your floor. Since the foam is spray applied, it even gets into hard-to-reach locations such as gaps between pipes and the smallest of corners.

What are the benefits of EXY spray insulation?
  • Requires no mechanical fastening.
  • Has a long service life and retains its insulation properties.
  • Prevents the formation of thermal bridges.
  • Poses no health hazards and is safe for allergy sufferers and animals.
  • Minimises the stress on the building structure.
  • Its properties are demonstrated by laboratory certificates.
  • Creates a 100% continuous and joint-free layer.

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