Ceiling insulation with EXY SPRAY SYSTEM® foam

The primary PUpose of ceiling insulation is to improve interior thermal comfort. The foam insulation layer helps you reduce heating costs by preventing heat loss in winter, while in the warm summer months you will spend less on air-conditioning your house. It is especially older apartment buildings that lack a ceiling insulation layer and this is where the EXY spray insulation proves to be the most effective solution.

Our extensive product range includes both soft and rigid foams for ceiling insulation. Open cell soft foams are typically used to insulate wooden buildings. Rigid foams are used, for example, to insulate cellar ceilings because their closed cell structure provides the cellar with an airtight, vapour-tight and waterproofing layer of excellent qualities. The application method allows the foam to easily fill even hard-to-reach spots, such as gaps between pipes.

What are the benefits of EXY spray insulation?
  • Requires no mechanical fastening.
  • Has a long service life and retains its insulation properties.
  • Prevents the formation of thermal bridges.
  • Poses no health hazards and is safe for allergy sufferers and animals.
  • Minimises the stress on the building structure.
  • Its properties are demonstrated by laboratory certificates.
  • Creates a 100% continuous and joint-free layer.

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