Foundation insulation with EXY SPRAY SYSTEM® foam

House foundations need to be sufficiently insulated to prevent heat loss at the points of contact with the ground. Insulate the house base with the EXY spray foam to avoid unnecessary heat loss, moisture and subsequent mould growth in this area. Depending on the location and nature of the foundations, the base insulation or perimeter insulation can significantly reduce your heating costs. The EXY spray foam protects the entire building from frost, moisture and mould growth. Base insulation reduces the formation of thermal bridges between the outer wall and the foundations. The EXY 34 HFO foam, a proven and time-tested product, is recommended for base insulation. The foam is easily applied on a clean and dry surface where it expands to create a continuous and joint-free insulation layer. By expanding its volume up to thirtyfold, the foam reaches and cures in nearly all gaps and joints in masonry or concrete, preventing unwanted heat loss.


External insulation is especially beneficial as it prevents the formation of thermal bridges at the point of contact between the basement and heated living rooms. Perimeter insulation is crucial if the basement is used as living space. The insulation foam cures within a few minutes after application and can be processed as necessary, e.g. a waterproofing coating may be applied to give the building extra protection from water.

What are the benefits of EXY spray insulation?
  • Requires no mechanical fastening.
  • Has a long service life and retains its insulation properties.
  • Prevents the formation of thermal bridges.
  • Poses no health hazards and is safe for allergy sufferers and animals.
  • Minimises the stress on the building structure.
  • Its properties are demonstrated by laboratory certificates.
  • Creates a 100% continuous and joint-free layer.

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