FROTH-PAK insulation kit


A portable kit to insulate and fill cavities

Professional spray foam insulation that can be applied even without professional experience. FROTH-PAK™ is a portable thermal insulation kit containing two-component polyurethane foam in spray. FROTH-PAK™ is designed to insulate and seal joints and cavities in walls, window frames, pipes, garage doors and more. The system is also ideal for injecting foam into smaller cavities.
FROTH-PAK™ adheres to most surfaces.

Fast and easy application, anytime and anywhere

FROTH-PAK™ is a portable two-component polyurethane foam kit that allows you to produce high-quality polyurethane foam anywhere and anytime. The foam expands its original volume three- to fivefold immediately after application and has a firm and permanent structure. After curing, the foam can be easily given the desired shape by grinding or cutting.

FROTH-PAK™ benefits

  • A great solution to insulate small areas and fill cavities: the compact containers and fast application make FROTH-PAK™ perfect for repair jobs and for filling hard-to-reach spots and small areas.
  • Easy application: the kit is easy to use and requires no electricity.
  • Proven quality: the foam is certified and successfully tested in the field.


FROTH-PAK™ 40 kg

The kit includes 2 containers (20 kg each) and is designed to insulate and fill gaps and cavities in hard-to-reach spots. A yield of 1,4m3 of expanded foam can be achieved in an open area. Froth-Pak application requires the purchase of accessories, e.g. spray hose and spray gun.


3 cm46,6 m²
6 cm23,3 m²
9 cm15,5 m²

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